7 - Dawn on the Eclipse.jpg

Dawn on the Eclipse was born from unusual circumstances.

It involves a group of very inspiring friends, an amazing experience and a beautiful piece of music. 

It is the first title released on vinyl by record label Metempsychosis Records and composed by electronic music duo Tapefeed.

To launch this four-track EP, copywriter Gabriella Gasparini wrote this charming story to narrate the origin of the project.

Her words are a careful rendition of a Japanese mythological tale with elements of pure fiction.

We attended the launch night organised by our friends. Upon hearing the enchanting recital of Gasparini's story, accompanied by epic visuals projected across the stage from Jose Montemayor, it set an immense backdrop introducing Tapefeed's track, Dawn on the Eclipse.

We were so captivated by the experience, that we took it upon ourselves to translate Dawn on the Eclipse into a short illustrated story.

The cover of the story is the beautiful artwork crafted by Hila Angelica for the record sleeve.

Special thanks to dear friends Flaminia, Joe, Rick, Ale, Gabriella, Angelica and Jose for the inspiring moments.