a multidisciplinary art project commissioned by Julia Govor, a composer and DJ based in New York. Govor launched a record label that not only involves music, but satirical narratives, comics, and illustration.  

Jujuka was initially Govor’s personal venture into writing short, light-hearted narratives about the electronic dance scene and the experiences she encountered during her journey inside the Techno industry.


The project then quickly evolved into a record label with its branding based on the character and comic stories. The first release titled ‘Jujuka 01’ consisted of a vinyl record with Govor’s latest tracks.

This was enveloped in an illustrated sleeve with the first chapter in the comic series - featuring an appearance of international producer Jeff Mills, included inside.

A gatefold format was chosen to replicate the feeling of holding and reading a comic. 

For more stories check out Jujuka's personal Instagram.

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The release of Jujuka 01 had impressive press coverage with many features online such as Resident Advisor, and also led to editorial collaborations with magazines such as Mixmag.

Other press can be see here.