a multidisciplinary art project in collaboration with music composer and DJ Julia Govor

The project is about music, short narratives, true stories, comics, and illustration, where the artists behind the project want to go beyond what the conventional record label offers. 


Every piece will be unique, told through music and stories composed and written by Julia, accompanied by artwork and comics illustrated by Le.BLUE. 

Each release will feature a musician for remix duties, either as V/A in a track compilation or in a collaboration with Julia. They will also feature inside the comic, illustrated and morphed into the universe of Jujuka.

The first vinyl features Jeff Mills and is out now and can be purchased in records shops or online here.

For more stories check out Jujuka's personal Instagram.

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Jujuka has also been featured in the August 2018 edition of Mixmag.

Other press can be see here.