December 2017

64 miniature canvases uniquely painted and inked for Metempsychosis Records at their showcase at Tresor, Berlin.

Each canvas was hidden and mounted on the walls of the Berlin nightclub, ready for anyone intrigued enough to take.

On the reverse of each canvas was a single verse of a poem, a link to the animation and the full story.


The Story

3,000 years ago, a man named Ulysses finally returns home after a long and weary battle. Reaching his beloved destination was no easy task for the man and his companions, who endured countless exploits of a journey which lasted years. During this time, Ulysses and his men experienced many trials and tribulations, many obstacles and much misfortune, but through perseverance and companionship, they grew and evolved immensely.

Inspired by the ancient Greek poem, The Odessey by Homer it shows the true importance of the journey, is the journey itself. These 64 faces were to try and capture the audience of this tale, a reminder that whatever your dreams are, you can most certainly achieve them. At times the road may seem endless and the times may be rough, but ultimately if you really commit, you will appreciate that it is actually the journey what truly matters.

Each piece is a representation of Ulysses’ journey, growing older and wiser, each piece with its unique verse of the poem, each piece to become part of others.